Antique Dealers

There are over 75 dealers who rent space at the Antiques Market of Williamston.  Booth space dealers work at least 2 days a month and showcase dealers just come in to re-stock their displays.


  • IMG_1674 IMG_1663
    Sports Figure Bobble Heads

    Sports Figure Bobble Heads


  • Carnival Glass

    Carnival Glass


Booth 60


IMG_8894 IMG_8008

Booth 20 has tons of OLD glass buttons.

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2 Responses to Antique Dealers

  1. Clare Luz says:

    Do any of the dealers in the Market sell white gold men’s wedding rings or any men’s white gold rings of any kind?
    Also – what are your hours?

    • Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Hi Clare,
      We have several dealers who have wedding rings. There is a display with several right next to the checkout counter. Our hours are 10 tip 6pm everyday. Thanks, Sharon

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